Google CSR

Sponsored by Google China and supported by Google Executive Management Group (EMG), the “Caring for China – Google China Social Innovation Cup” was founded in 2008 by passionate Chinese Googlers.

Expanding on Google’s philosophy of “Don’t do Evil,” we believe in empowering students to proactively do good in the community, to become the “catalyst of goodwill”. We chose to focus on college students because they are China’s future leaders, and it is essential to instill in them early on the values of social responsibility, the importance of community welfare, and the spirit of self-empowerment.

  • Caring for China – Our 4 Guiding Pillars:

1.To stimulate and cultivate a spirit of social responsibility and community welfare in the hearts and minds of China’s youth
2.To instill a positive sense of empowerment and self-realization in Chinese college students through funding and support
3.To help local communities and society at large identify promising solutions through evaluation and feedback from professional judges and experts
4.To inspire change – and the possibility of change – across all walks of society through joint participation from students, organizers, and the community at large