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  • Project Name

    Love, Translated

  • Objective

    To enhance public understanding and awareness of leukemia

  • Project Information




    Fudan University

    6 students


  • Challenge

    To many Chinese people, leukemia is a topic that would literally turn many faces pale. Indeed, due to medical terms like “bone marrow aspiration” that might sound frightening to the layman, many leukemia patients are often misunderstood and feared of, leading to marginalization in society.

  • Solution

    Our team is committed to clarifying any misunderstandings about leukemia by embarking on a series of educational initiatives. First, with support from the Leukemia Lymphoma Society, we will obtain and translate a popular leukemia booklet into Chinese, including detailed terminology definitions and a guide to leukemia conditions. We have already begun a recruiting process of student volunteer translators. To ensure the accuracy of the translation, we will cooperate with several non-governmental organizations, academic institutions, and medical experts. A major part of the process will be dedicated to the design of the booklet, editing, proofreading, printing, etc. Once publication is complete, we will begin promotion and distribution in clinics and other health institutions. Our hope is that this project will be a start to future translation services of other misunderstood diseases.

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